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The International Business Summit a world financial Summit for projects of one billion dollars or more

Ruxkira Inc. A Global Investment & Acquisition Firm


Direct Public Works Loans from Ruxkira Inc., for Cities, States and Counties
Loans for Infrastructure, Roads, Airports and Public Works Projects
Ruxkira Inc. a Florida Corporation will issue small loans to Cities, States and Counties for sound public works projects including roads and small airports. Ruxkira Inc. can provide up to 100% loan financing for Infrastructure, Roads, Airports and other Public Works Projects.
We offer loans from two (2) to seven (7) years. Interest rates are negotiable. The loan cost is financed within the loan: The loan amount will be given to the borrower approximately eight (8) weeks after the signing of the loan contract.
The loan shall also be secured by the project and by the proven ability to repay.
Pre approved loan amounts from fifty thousand dollars up to seven million dollars.
In the event, the borrower makes any misrepresentations, and fails to comply with the loan agreement in any respect, or fails to close the loan for any reason whatsoever, lender shall be paid for all of the lender reasonable expenses. Lender shall also have the option to cancel the transaction and the loan for any reason whatsoever anytime before the official closing or disbursement of funds, whereupon both lender and borrower shall be relieved of all obligations under the loan Contract. Ruxkira Inc.
Ruxkira Inc. Also has an International Business Consulting Department. (954) 364-7492

Ruxkira Inc.:
Office (305) 759-7270
Business Manager (305) 758-5462
Fax (305) 758-5463

Nwue-image magazine 2nd Annual VIP Business Networking Conference

Sunday Novenber 15th 20092 PM to 5 PM
Location: At The Coral Estate in Miami Florida A mansion built with coral stones by the Italian Government in 1926 for the Italian ambassador and recently purchased by Ruxkira Inc.
(305) 758-5462
This Event is sponsored in part by Ruxkira Inc. 2nd Annual International Business Summit

Newsline Energy Expo Press release

Ruxkira Inc a leader in the finance and acquisition industry will present a World Energy Conference. The time has come for us to look at all of the possibilities in alternative Energy. Members of The Private Business Sectors from around the world will be in Florida on June16th - 20th 2009 for the World Energy Expo. We hope to share ideas and look at financing new projects. The event is sponsored in part by Ruxkira Inc. and by The International Business Summit. For more information visit and call (305)758-5462

The 2nd Annual International Art Expo at The International Business Summit A Financial Summit For Billionaires and For Projects of One Billion Dollars

Date:June 16th - 20th, 2008 from 12:00 Noon
Place: The Historical Coral Mansion Estate In Miami Florida
Presented by Ruxkira Inc. & by Ruxkira Inc. 2nd International Business Summit
Artists and Sponsors Welcome:Contact Ruxkira Inc.(305) 758-5462

Sponsorships Exhibits:
10' X 10' Sponsorship Exhibits: US $150,000
Gold Sponsorship: US $250,000
Diamond Sponsorship: US $350,000
This is a Business to Business event for Artist, members of the Art Industry and for Art Buyers. It is for Artist who are also interested in selling art to high end business, resorts and decorators ect.

"a Seven Billion Dollar Resort Project On the Caribbean Island of Espaniola in the jurisdiction of the country of Haiti"

7 Billion Dollar Resort Housing & Condo Leasing Development Project in . (Las Vegas Style Atlantic Ocean and Sport Theme Resort)( First phase: 480 Million Dollars)
(For Information email:
Ruxkira Inc. is Proud to help Finance and Develop This Future Mega Project


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Ruxkira Inc. Presents

The 2nd AnnualInternational Business Summit
A Financial Summit For Billionaire and For Projects of One Billion Dollars or More
Featuring: The International Art Expo; and The World Energy and Information Technology Expo
June 16th -20th, 2009 at The Historical Coral Mansion Estate In Miami Florida The only gathering of its kind in the business and financial community! For two exciting days a, high level meeting of financial institutions, business people and billionaire entrepreneurs with ambitious and innovative projects and capital. The Summit promotes exciting future projects that need financing to bring them to fruition.
You are a welcomed participant if you are (1) a business seeking financing for your project either in the USA or international; (2) an Investor or private financier looking for good projects to get involved with; (3) a Bank or lending institution with funds of $50MM up to several Billion Dollars or more available for projects (4) and all billionaires.


If you are a Business Owner with a project, you will need to fill out the registration form and submit your Executive Summary for preliminary approval. Be prepared. Bring complete packages for presentation to the financiers, so they can make decisions. The registration fee is $75,000 for the summit you need to be prepared to make decisions while at this event.
In addition to the opportunity to provide funding for your projects, the Summit gives you the opportunity to network with other financial people in attendance. Come prepared to make your deals happen. All the pieces of the puzzle will be available. The rest is up to you.
If you are a private Investor/Financier, you will need to fill out the registration form, with Ruxkira, Inc. and pay the registration fee of $75,000,